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March 2018 - The Fencor 5th grade team went 4-0 at the 2018 Fencor Invitational in their first tournament of the season.

Fencor-Fennell (7th) wins Renegades May Madness Championship with a 44-19 win over the Philly Heat.

2017 Team: Fencor 5th grade-Andrea

2017 Team: Fencor 8th grade

2017 Team: Fencor 6th grade

2017 Team: Fencor 11th grade

July 2016: The Fencor-Smith team won the AAU West Coast 8th grade Level 2 National Championship with a 42-34 victory over the Colorado Basketball Club U14 Elite team in Las Vegas.

June 2016: The Fencor 6th grade team won the Renegades Spring Rally on June 5, 2015

May 2016: Fencor-Christian wearing their bronze medals after finishing third in the Middle Atlantic AAU Girls Basketball 10th-grade-and-under championship at Riverwinds.

May 2016: The Fencor-Sims 11th grade team receives their gold medals for winning the AAU Middle Atlantic championship

April 2016: Fencor 6th grade team won the Beast of the East tournament in Maryland.

April 2016: The Fencor-Smith 8th grade team won the Valley Forge Hardbattle Battle's 9th grade Silver Division with a 1-point win over the SV Vipers.

March 2016: Fencor 7th Grade team wins the championship of King of the Hill Tournament's 8th grade bracket

March 2016: Fencor 8th Grade (Frank Smith) wins March Showdown in Mahwah, NJ

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