Fencor is proud to announce that it has been awarded the 2020 AAU East Coast Girls Championships, to be held the weekend of August 8-9 in Delaware with  many games at Concordia Sports Center in Concord, Del. 87 teams from as far away as Wisconsin, Maine and North Carolina have participated in the past two years.


Pool play followed by playoffs (goal is all play finished by 6 p.m., Sunday)


Click here to download rules.


Fee: $475 when paying online via credit card.
Or you may mail a check, made out to Fencor, for $465.

DEADLINE: August 3 (please register earlier if possible for planning purposes)

Note: Teams do NOT have to play in a regional or district qualifier to participate. All bench personnel and players must have AAU cards.


Mail to:
635 Hummingbird Lane
Bensalem, PA 19020

AAU Official Roster form

Please fill out the roster form below. It must be received by deadline of noon, August 1 (earlier better of course).

Mail to:
Stuart London/Fencor
635 Hummingbird Lane
Bensalem, PA 19020


Email: Fencor@fencor.org

Thank you for your cooperation.




Hotel Information

Fencor and the 2020 AAU East Coast Girls Championships has partnered with Apex Events to provide you with the best accommodations at the best rates. Please use the link below to review the rates and amenities and each hotel, and to confirm your room. If you have any questions, please email nicole.manos@apex-events.com. We look forward to hosting you!


Spectator Policy/Sportsmanship

(Note: This is word-for-word same policy as West Coast nationals)

Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. This is your warning. If you are asked to leave the event, you son or daughter may be asked to leave with you. Your team may also forfeit the game.

Do not get embarrassed; if you notice someone acting inappropriately, take out your phone, video tape him or her, and show it
to the tournament director. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. This is a family atmosphere. Please have a great
event and respect the competition, players, staff and coaches.


AAU requires that all parents and spectators maintain good sportsmanship throughout the course of the event. We promote a great youth sports atmosphere, and we encourage everyone to cheer and get loud and support their son or daughter’s team. But do not let it get out of control. As an adult, please set a good example for all the children at this great event.

AAU will not tolerate any of the following

  • Cursing by any parents or spectators
  • Yelling at game officials regarding calls
  • Yelling or arguing with fans of the opposing team
  • Any negative or derogatory comments towards opposing players

Inappropriate behavior will result in the fan being removed from the game. The fan must leave the facility entirely. Your child may be removed from the game as well.

Registration Form

Note: Roster with name, birthday and AAU card numbers of all players, coaches and bench personnel must be mailed at least a week before tournament or registered on National AAU site.