2022 Fencor AAU Tryouts

   **Montgomery County Health Guidelines will be enforced.**
School health protocols mandate EVERYONE wear a mask inside

NOTE: If you have already completed the registration form, and simply need to pay
either the Tryout Fee or the Registration Fee, then: CLICK HERE

(All tryouts will for all grades will be held at Germantown Academy’s big gym (next to pool)

(You only have to be at 1 tryout to make a team)


4th grade
**January 23″ 8 am (players selected)

5th grade
**January 23: 8 am (players selected)

6th grade
(team completed for this year)

7th grade
**January 23: 9:45-10:30 am (team selected)

8th grade
**January 23: 9-9:45 am (team selection made)

9th grade-West team (for players in Western Montco, Berks, Chester & Delaware Counties)
February 20, 5-6 pm (at Aspiring Champions, King of Prussia)

9th grade
February 13: 10-11 am
*February 20: 10-11 am
**February 27: 10-11 am

10th grade
February 13: 11-Noon
*February 20: 11-Noon
**February 27: 11-Noon

11th grade
February 13: 11-Noon
*February 20: 11-Noon
**February 27: 11-Noon

*Mandatory meeting with director to go over all Fencor guidelines and plans for season . Every player must have a representative.

**Team will be selected. Payment of registration fee and fittings for new uniforms will be conducted immediately afterward.

2022 Fees:

  • Player registration fee: $650
  • Tryout fee: $50
  • New uniform fee: $150

Refund policy:

All tryout fees are non-refundable. Registration fees are refunded in full if you do not make a team or you tell the Fencor office or coach running the tryout you are withdrawing BEFORE final team selection.  If a player is picked for a team and later decides not to play they are still legally responsible for registration fee. (FYI,  NJ clubs have gone to court on this issue and won).


Anyone wishing to try out for a Fencor team must complete the following registration form each year prior to tryouts. Once you submit this registration form, you will see a Pay Now button; follow that to pay your $50 tryout fee (can also pay registration fee) via credit card, cash, check or Venmo (@Stuart-London-Fencor).


If you simply need to pay either the Tryout Fee or the Registration Fee,

please CLICK HERE (no need to fill out the registration form again).